Modify all global catalysts to use the new format


1. Update legacy refs to new refs. Note that there are new refs as well, such as pam and ipsec (see google doc, above)

2. Update hiera() or defined() to simplib::lookup()

  • We want the class parameters to use the same format as the global catalysts, and default to the same value (unless otherwise stated in the Notes section) For instance:
    `use_auditd` = true would become:

  • `$auditd = simplib::lookup('simp_options::auditd', { 'default_value' => false, 'value_type' => Boolean })`

  • `Boolean ‘$auditd = simplib::lookup('simp_options::auditd', { 'default_value' => false})’`

  • ‘value_type’ is only required if the variable does not have a type

  • Scoped parameters, such as dns::search would become dns_search

3. Update pki variables to new naming scheme (see google doc, above)
4. Major version bump if use variables from ::simp_options.
5. Update simplib requirement. NOTE that we are not coupling all modules to simp_options.
Requires: pupmod-simp-simplib < 3.0.0-0
Requires: pupmod-simp-simplib >= 2.1.0-0
6. Ensure metadata.json includes simplib, with correct bounds
7. Ensure fixtures includes simp_options
8. While we would love to take care of in tandem, we simply don't have the time before release. However, we still need to resolve the deprecation issue. Therefore, we will be commenting out any existing validation that is not provided by simplib. By doing so we can have a reference when we strong type later on.

Don't worry about updating the README for now unless it directly references the catalysts; we'll tackle the rest in

Acceptance Criteria



Jeanne Greulich
January 14, 2017, 3:25 AM

updated openldap module

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