Remove global $compliance_profile variable


This feature is to remove the 'legacy' $compliance_profile global variable so that compliance_markup::validate_profiles can be used to specify the appropriate profile(s) per environment. This feature is comprised of the following tasks:

  • Verify compliance_markup works as expected when no global $compliance_profile exists

  • Update the compliance_markup README to tell user to set compliance_markup::validate_profiles

  • Remove $compliance_profile from the environment-specific site.pp included in simp-environment-skeleton

  • Update simp config to query the user for the value of compliance_markup::validate_profiles

  • Update upgrade documentation to inform user that they must add compliance_markup::validate_profiles to the default.yaml of all relevant environments. (Upgrade will only affect simp environment if it is not managed by R10K/CodeManager)

Acceptance Criteria

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