design `simp environment` command


Design the high-level (use cases, requirements, capabilities, workflow, options) simp environment COMMAND command.

  • for background

  • We'll obviously need to focus on the new sub-command first, but pay attention to upgrade and remove.

    • Accommodate the ISO install's (simp config's) inital auto-deploy

  • Accommodate all deployment scenarios

  • Remember that this will be taking functionality out of simp-environment

    • See "Related Changes" section in

Acceptance Criteria



Chris Tessmer
April 12, 2019, 10:59 PM

The `simp environment` design document has been created as It has been reviewed by the community, discussed SIMP Community REC, and used as the blueprint for the recent for the work in SIMP-6382. The Confluence article remains a living document, and will continue to be updated as the design is refined.

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