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Both simp-utils and simp-environment set up the yum repos. This is being removed from simp-environment in 6.4 becuase simp does not want to set up things when modules are installed, instead it wants the user to run a utlity, like simp config, unpack dvd, so they are aware when changes are made to their system.

Compare what is in the 6.3 release of simp-environment and how simp-utils sets up the repos and make sure that the utility in simp-util does all the work.

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Jeanne Greulich
June 12, 2019, 4:24 PM

So simp-environment:

1) Checks for /var/www/yum/SIMP and if it exists:

  • removes repodata (from the wrong directory so this is useless.)

  • for i386 or/and x86_64, it links anything thing in noarch over

  • runs createrepo update

  • changes the permissions on everything under i386or/and x86_64 to root:apache

is given a directory and for each directory under it, it links anything in noarch to it and creates a repo and
changes the permissions on the repodata directory to root:apache.

So basically need to change updaterepo to make sure permissions are correct on the whole directory.

I also checked unpackdvd and made sure it was setting up the repo as expected.
It was not setting permissions on linked files.

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