simp config has confusing error messages


`simp config` fails if a production puppet environment exists but the message it displays is very confusing. `simp config` says that it cannot continue because a primary Puppet environment already exists but a secondary does not. There is no follow-up on what either of these environments are or any suggestion for how to proceed.

Additionally, `simp config` appears to fail even if the run was successful. There is a note that a bootstrap lock file is created in a hidden directory in root's home directory but it's very misleading for users to know that `simp config` was successful while also failing. I would expect most users to think they have to re-run `simp config` and have it succeed before proceeding on to any other steps. This has been supported by several external conversations.

There will be a related ticket about documentation around these tools but at a minimum it needs to be clearer why `simp config` fails and how a user should expect to proceed.

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Iris Kwok
November 15, 2019, 4:00 PM

Since simp bootstrap already has safety checks, having simp config appear as failing even for successful runs just creates unnecessary confusion.

I would like to see what the note currently says (either via a screenshot or using a vm to take a look myself) in context to see how we could make it clearer.


Trevor Vaughan
November 15, 2019, 5:46 PM

Re-reading this, can you screenshot what exactly is confusing about the current output?



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