Documentation needs to have a clear break point between setting up the initial server and installing the clients


Feedback has indicated that new users become confused when they jump from setting up the server directly into DNS, DHCP, etc...

The following improvements were suggested:

  • Add a graphic or something that draws attention to the fact that the user has completed all necessary steps in setting up the initial server configuration.

  • Allow users to choose "easy" to "hard" configuration options to proceed. The following was recommended:

    • Trivial: Vagrantfile that spins up a server and client, connects the client, and then allows you to play around

    • Easy: You have a new system, built with an operating system, that you would like to connect. No DNS, DHCP, or kickstart required

    • Medium: You have a working kickstart environment but you need to know how to hook in your systems to the SIMP infrastructure at boot time

    • Hard: You have nothing, the SIMP server is the first server in a completely new bare-metal or kickstarted VM environment

Acceptance Criteria

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