will start limiting Free tier to CI/CD 400 minutes/month


On Sept 2, GitLab announced that, starting October 1, will start limiting CI/CD minutes in the Free tier to 400 minutes per group per month: External runners do not count toward this quota. currently uses the Free tier to run CI, notably acceptance tests. The group would certainly be affected by this change—a single representative run of the simp/simp module's pipeline took 418 minutes on its own:, most of using's CI/CD resources in the spec/unit test portion.

We have some options:

  1. Sign SIMP up to GitLab's Open Source Program, which grants qualified open source groups Gold tier status (50000 CI/CD min)

  2. Change SIMP projects' CI pipeline jobs to run on OP-hosted GLCI runners (unfeasible due to resource constraints)

  3. Change SIMP projects' GLCI pipelines to run only the OP-hosted acceptance tests, and trigger them using another CI service (GitHub Actions/Travis CI) after running the lint+spec stages

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